Leading Energy Solutions Into The Automation Era

Our intervention solutions and downhole technologies are proven to complete stages safer, faster and more efficiently.
GR Energy Services
Innovation is Our Heritage
GR Energy Services is a completion solutions company focused on continuous innovation to positively impact our ESG footprint, while simultaneously lowering operational costs. Our management, technical support, HSE, and field crew teams have collaboratively developed a cutting-edge and synchronous system, that optimizes your wellsite to complete stages faster, and reduce risk to personnel while bringing production online ahead of schedule.

We're simply not satisfied with "that's the way it's always been done."

Solutions & Technology

Intervention solutions and downhole technologies working together, automated and intelligent. That dream is now a reality.

ESG & Community

Efficient operations mean a world the next generation can inherit. Our commitment to this ideal runs deep and sustains every action we take.

Your Career with GR

We believe in innovation. But we can't do it without you. We want the best and the brightest working on our next technology solution. Are you ready?

Events with GR Energy Services

5 November
Daniel Energy Partners Permian Basin BBQ Cook-Off