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Innovation, collaboration and personal commitment to excellence converge in the GR Energy Services team to develop a cutting-edge and holistic approach to surface and downhole challenges

The Future of Wireline Completions is Connected

No longer can the energy industry be served by twenty companies specializing in only one piece of the puzzle. By focusing on three core values, the GR Energy Services team adapts to and even anticipates ever-changing wellsite demand. Today, our team is leading the energy industry into the future.

GR Energy Services


Innovation starts when people convert problems to ideas. With decades of experience in oilfield services and our expertise in every stage of the wireline completion process allows complexities at the wellsite to be challenged and new solutions to be developed.

GR developed each of our products to work together as a system, we understand the importance of components designed to work together. We also design our products to enable repeatable performance from crew to crew. We dedicate resources to implementing a real solution — not just a quick fix — that elevates the success of the entire operation.

Efficiency at the wellsite is in our DNA. Challenging the status quo is who we are.

GR Energy Services


At GR Energy Services, we bring the latest technology to the wellsite, bridging the communication chasm between surface operations and downhole. Our internal focus on collaboration translates directly to efficiency and reduced downtime for your team in the field.

Communication across teams is critical to our success and the success of our customers.

GR Energy Services

Commitment to Excellence

Raised on the idea that a handshake was more binding than a contract, each of our team members were chosen for their commitment to going above and beyond. Whether pushing tool string design beyond conventional limitations or ensuring zero environmental impact, it’s the attention to detail and the internal drive to do better that makes someone worthy of wearing the GR brand.

We push ourselves to be better, just to see that we can.

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Technology & Solutions

Surface and Downhole working together, automated and intelligent. That dream is now a reality with One 2 Solution.

ESG & Community

Efficient operations mean a world the next generation can inherit. Our commitment to this ideal runs deep and sustains every action on the ground.

Your Career with GR

People are the core of our ability to innovate. We want the best and the brightest working on our next solution. Is that you?
GR Energy Services

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Are you ready to contribute to the future of energy? We’re looking for people who take an innovation-first approach, work collaboratively across multiple teams, and are driven to be the best at what they do.

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