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Real-Time Ops Center

With eyes on current-to-the-second data points, GR Energy Services has successfully monitored thousands of wellsite jobs remotely, arming clients with accurate planning and real-time data that maximizes run efficiency.

GR Energy Services
Real-Time Technology for Real-Time Responses
Located at our headquarters in Houston Texas, the GR Energy Services Real-Time Ops Center gives us eyes on the ground for every wellsite job, even from thousands of miles away. Our access to real-time data allows us to provide our clients with quality assurance, letting us objectively see run output, get ahead of issues, and make immediate decisions with confidence. By connecting to numerous monitoring software both at both the surface and downhole, our system offers an immediate display of Key Performance Indicators in the field with granular data that bolster efficiency and confidence for our clients.

Leverage the most accurate remote monitoring and response

GR Energy Services

The Power of Effective Planning

Our modeling software allows clients to map out their custom tool string requirements and supports job planning. By leveraging client job surveys, we will model and confirm if the run can reach the well bottom without issue, and set parameters to determine the most efficient speed for the job.


GR Energy Services

Confidence with Versatile Data

Our system generates reports and provides recommendations for improving the project or reducing the chance of failure incidence. Stored historical wellsite data allows for generating year-long reports that can layer data and identify issues and anomalies and empower our clients to make the most efficient adjustments.

GR Energy Services

The Industry's Only Real-Time Monitoring Offer

Our Real-Time Ops Center is the first of its kind in the wireline industry that marries real-time monitoring data with pre-run planning, to create reliability and confidence in the efficiency of every run.



GR Energy Services

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