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One2 Completion Solution

This is the one integrated system our industry deserves. It’s exponentially better.  With intelligent and automated intervention solutions and downhole technologies working together, you will experience the wireline completions of the future.

Are you ready for the future of wireline completions?
Bring automation to your wellsite, today.
Come see what the future looks like. It's integrated. It's automated. It's repeatable. It's comprehensive. It's maximizing performance. It's real.

Automated Intervention

OneAI Intervention System

A central hub controls every aspect of intervention operations, communicating seamlessly to reduce human error and increase output.

OnePHIRE Downhole Technologies

Our vast field experience allows us to design downhole products with the user in mind. We are among the first companies to bring full vertical alignment to the wellsite.
GR Energy Services
Why GR Energy Services
Cutting-Edge Technology
We lead the energy industry into the future by constantly questioning "the way it's always been done." That allows us to bring the latest technology into integrated and smart solutions to one of the oldest industries. Our customers see better performance at the wellsite time and time again.
Team Committed to Continual Innovation
We are the people you want solving energy problems of the future. Committed to excellence, each team member pushes beyond conventional wisdom and imagines what is possible. Then they make it a reality.

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Headquartered in Sugarland, TX, GR Energy Services has offices and knowledgeable team members at major centers of oil field production.

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GR Energy Services